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Conflict Management

No one wakes up in the morning thinking that they are going to cause hell at work. But life happens and sometimes you and I and people we work with don't respond in the way they should. 

The longer the conflict goes unresolved the worse it gets. 

Listening and effective communication is very important in high intensity situations. 

Did you know that often all people want is to be heard? This is often easier said than done if both parties feel emotional (angry, upset, frustrated) and neither is ready to listen. 

I'm sure we will both agree that situations like this don't belong to the workplace however asking your employees not to bring their personal problems to work is also impossible. 

Understanding the cycle of conflict will help you be more understanding when issues occur and learning basic communication skills will help you deal with challenging situations.

We can help you deal with conflict in a more effective way and minimise future issues where possible. 

What to expect? 

Dealing with conflict at work is not easy. Having and 'outsider' can help you deal with a situation in an objective way. 

As every situation is different, initial assessment and hearing all sides is important for me to be able to help you resolve the conflict and give you tools to avoid or at least minimise challenging situations in the future. 

Open and honest communication is a key. As is understanding different personalities. 

I'm not an HR professional to cover the legal stuff of disciplinary hearings however I can provide you with communication tools to help you understand people and behaviour. 

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