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Understanding People Puzzle - 

DiSC Personality Profiling

Have you every wondered how people work and why some people get on well and some not without an obvious reason? Knowing what Type of personality someone is can help you to work with people better and understand those who act the opposite way to you. 

The DISC Personality System Profile may change the way you see yourself and others forever. You can learn how people are motivated in different and distinct ways due to personality and communication preferences as well as minimize misunderstandings and when to steer clear of taking advantage of another person's challenge areas.

Assessments are done by Accredited DISC Profiling System Practitioner.

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How Does it Work? 

Unlock the people puzzle by identifying an individual's preferences. Understanding what motivates people, what their preferred environment might be, how they might approach tasks or challenges, how they prefer to process information, the pace which they prefer to work at and much more...


Find out about your preference through an online assessment and report which will provide some amazing insights. The assessment also includes 45 minutes session to go through each graph to help you fully understand your preferences. 

The full assessment costs £97per person per assessment and includes 45 minute one to one session with Accredited DiSC Assessor. 

Group Dynamics

This group report is designed ​to allow you to examine the behavioural strengths and characteristics of each team member independently as well as collectively. Used as springboard for enhanced collaboration, this report will shed light upon leadership impact, communication/task flow and increase awareness of individual strengths and diversity.

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