Team work and team building is a success

Leaderships and Management Program

Management and Leadership training programs are an important part of any company. 

Promoting someone because they did a great job doesn't mean they are going to have necessary skills to manage a team. 

Our program works on individual or small group basis, looking at strengths and weaknesses and making sure delegates gain people skills for life. 

Interactive sessions ensure live learning experience and any issues and challenges are dealt with in subsequent sessions or if immediate response needed over the phone. 

We care about people and want to make sure those we train care about others too.

What to expect from the Program

Initial assessment is a key to developing Leadership and Management Program that will suit your organization. It is important you keep an open mind as not all aspects of the assessment will be easy to hear*. However I'm here to help you improve your Leaders/Management team and therefore improve overall running of your company. 

Sometimes it takes an outsider to look at challenges you experience within your company and help you 'iron out' any creases that might have developed due to lack of leadership and management experience. 

Once the assessment is done I will create plan which usually lasts for three to six months. Why so long? Developing People Skills takes time. As humans we can change depending on situation and I want to make sure your Leaders are ready to deal with any situation. 

*Part of the assessment is to have a informal chat with employees to find out how they see and feel about management. As uncomfortable as these findings might be in the long run this can help you avoid potential reputation damage and tribunals. 

All that's left to do is for your to Get in Touch too see how can I help you improve your employee engagement. Because Happy Employees make Happy Customers