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Mental Health at Work Workshops

Mental Health at Work isn’t just about suffering from anxiety and depression. It is how you prevent it from getting to that stage.


Hopefully your team will never suffer poor mental health in the workplace because you will do everything right to support your colleagues.

As an employer you wear any hats and understanding Mental Health can feel overwhelming.  Our company offers People Skills training that will help you and your employees to understand themselves and each other better and therefore minimise conflict which can lead to mental health issues. 

Whether your employees work from home or have to stay in the office we can tailor the length  and content of the training to your needs. From half an hour weekly sessions that help to keep the momentum whilst not taking up too much time to one off 1-2 hour workshop

All workshops we run are interactive with the ability to ask questions or comment after every topic to ensure the workshop is relevant and engaging.

We have 9 core topics which can be combined into a training session that will suit your needs.  

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