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Rock your People Skills Training Program...
Coming 29.9.2020

Can you really put a price on a relationship?

What you will learn in this course will help you understand different personalities, behaviours and motivations which will improve the quality of your relationships.

You will learn to actively listen - and not just to the words but body language too!

Whether you're doing this course to improve your personal relationships or you want to rock those (at the moment online) networking events or you just want to develop new skills that are transferable to every area in your life where you come across with people you are definitely going to learn new skills. Talking of skills - you will need to practice those as well as self awareness. All I can do is to provide you with easy to understand information in bite size chunks and one topic session. The rest is up to you!

Why is there a 7 month time limit?

If you're like me you might never finish it. And because I want you to succeed and learn those new invaluable skills - putting a time limit will (hopefully) push you to complete the course.

PS: I was going to give you 6 months but felt generous and

added extra month ;)

If you are interested to enroll on the course or would like to purchase the course for someone else Get In Touch so I can send you the latest link and all the Terms and Conditions. 

The Training Program is run through another platform called Teachable. Cost per Training Program is £147 however look out for special introductory offer...


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