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Team work and team building is a success

Improve your relationships with our half an hour Mini Webinars. You will learn everything you need to know about understanding people, different personalities and behaviours as well as your own. Once you master the skills you will be able to adapt to the environment you're in, talk to your customer in their language and avoid or at least minimise conflict with friends, family colleagues or strangers you meet when out and about.
Like any skills even people skill require hard work, determination and practice but I believe in you and your desire to have more meaningful and harmonious conversations.
 When? Thursday Brunch 11:30 -12:00

Upcoming Topics:

*Listening Skills (Active Listening plus non verbal communication)

*Understanding Each Other (Personality Profiling)

*Actions and Reactions -Understanding Behaviour (Parent, Adult, Child)

*Building Healthy Boundaries

*Motivation and Basic Human Needs

*Using Coaching Techniques in Leadership positions.

*Emotional Intelligence -how emotions control us, or do they?

*How to deal with difficult behaviour

*How to adapt to constant change

If you don't take away at least one nugget I will give you your money back.