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Potential Client: What is Coaching? 

Me: Well, you tell me what part of your life you want to change and I will help you explore your options. 

Potential Client: How will you do that? 

Me: By asking you lots questions and letting you come up with the best solution that will suit your life

Potential Client: Can you tell me what to do? 

Me: No, because you know best and whether you believe it or not you have all the answers you need. 

Potential Client: But if I had the answers I wouldn't need a Coach

Me: That is true, however you might have many options going through your mind and I will help you make sense of them 

Want to find out more how coaching can help you? Book 15 minute discovery session to see if we can work together 

What to expect? 

After our 15 minute discovery session you decide whether you want to work with me. I won't be offended if you don't feel I'm the right fit for you as every person is different and even though coaching has similar structure it is important two people can work together to be able to achieve the best results. 

Depending on your requirements for the coaching we will decide which package will suit you best. 

I offer :

Package 1 

7 sessions ( this includes 6 coaching sessions and one review) over 3 months


Package 2

10 session ( this includes 8 coaching session and two review sessions over 6 months


For Continues monthly support and your requirements contact me on 07588751506

*  ( 50 minutes per coaching/review session) 

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