Are you ready to return to work?

I don't know about you but today (1st September) feels like a new beginning. Especially after months of uncertainty, working from home, educating children and overall coming to terms with all the restrictions. ( And we thought how much freedom we have....)

Many people dream of getting back to normal (and I'm definitely one of them) but I have a feeling it will take a while. In the mean time you will meet colleagues who stayed at home and hardly left the house, those who kept their lives as normal as it was possible, even those who believe that the whole pandemic is a conspiracy... Are you ready to listen to different opinions which might go completely against your own beliefs and still keep working environment happy and cheerful?

With many people feeling more sensitive than before it is important you are more compassionate and understanding towards others. Especially if you don't know the full story.

I tried to keep my life as normal as possible - not many people agreed however it was a question of survival for me. I don't need to tell strangers my full story. It's none of anyone's business but I have to say at times little comments like 'You shouldn't bring your children to the shop' could tip me over to unbearable pain. Emotional pain.

We were all affected by the pandemic. We all reacted in different way. We all have different opinions. What is important however is that we stop judging what others did or did not do. Especially in the workplace. No matter how different your opinion is. You can read more about Ego states we all use in various situations which can help you to manage your own state. It's called Transactional Analysis (Parent, Adult, Child) by Eric Berne This article will help you understand others too.

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