Team work is like an Orchestra

Few months ago I went to a concert and couldn’t help but think about team work and quartet playing a beautiful piece!

Even though there wasn’t a conductor as such, they all tuned their instruments to make sure they all play in synch. They kept and eye contact at important passages to make sure the timing was perfect. They were listening to each other very carefully to ensure that everyone in the audience got the best experience. For us, it was pleasure, for the musicians it is their job and it got me thinking. Why can’t all the teams work in the same way? What is stopping us fine tuning with out colleagues, listening carefully so we can all play in synch towards our company values and goals? Would it be so hard to achieve this? With a bit of will and determination I do think it is impossible. And not much needs to change. All we need to change is mindset and the way managers manage and lead their team and how team members listen to each other and respond.

The Conductor is like a manager, carefully studying each piece, each instrument – in work place this is the foundations like policies and procedures but also every employee, their strength, just like a composer had every instrument in mind when he wrote the piece.

The most important part of conducting or playing in an orchestra (or quartet) is LISTENING. No just to words but movements, breathing… watch a group of people playing together to see how well they respond to each other. Strong company VALUES are like music sheets musicians play from. They might all add their own feel and talent into it, but music sheets are written. All they have to do is LISTEN to each other and watch the conductor. Let’s not forget, it’s hours of practising too.

The final performance is like GOAL for the company. Excellent customer reviews just like the performance. Or high profit, great products, whatever the company stands for. For both groups, LISTENING, COMMON VALUES AND GOAL = SUCCESS! Or breath-taking, goose-bumpy performance.

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