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For most businesses, pre Christmas period is the busiest time of the year. The competition is high, customers are more demanding and always on a look out for the best value or a bargain. And all this has an effect on your employees. Long hours, more customers with more demands and high expectations. Add Covid social distancing and safety guidelines to the mix and we have a perfect atmosphere for a 'disaster.

I already mentioned different personality types in my previous posts. If you read it and worked out roughly who in your team is the D, I, S or C, this might change with the increasing demands. Under pressure, something has to give. ‘Filters’ don’t work as well as they should and D person might become even more direct, cutting down on communication even more and appearing rude which can upset some people. S or C person might not have enough time to analyse and work in their own pace which can irritate those who work fast no matter what result.

It is even more important to know what personality you have in charge and what can you do to fix arising conflicts before they escalate which will than cause more pressure if people don’t turn up at work, take a sick leave or quit all together.

It might not be too late to give your people confidence and motivation to work hard and get on with each other and avoid unnecessary hostility. Understanding and acceptance that everyone has their own style and preference when working is the key to high morale and better results.

Another important aspect that affects performance if our personal life. As much as you might want your employees to leave it at home it is impossible. Rather than putting more pressure, talking and having an open-door policy will help your employees feel valued. But remember confidentiality is the key. As a manager you should never be involved in gossip and if you do hear people talking about someone else, you should step in and resolve the issue before it escalates.


· Everyone has different preference and pace they work at which can change with increasing pressure, especially at busy times

· Knowing everyone’s preference will help you deal with arising issues and you can tailor your approach to each employee, matching their preference to resolve the issues as quickly and efficiently as possible

· Personal problems are sometimes hard to leave at home and allowing someone to talk about it can help. Keep it confidential or you will lose their trust

· Don’t get involved in gossip. Instead, resolve any issues that can have negative impact on the team.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by current situation and can't even bear to think about Christmas a wise step might be to hire help. Whether it's someone to help you manage the workload, a coach to help you focus or someone like me to help your team prepare for busy period. Get in touch to book in a chat to see if I can help.

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