Get Curious Not Furious with People

Human beings are interesting creatures, don't you think? We're often way too quick to judge or get upset if someone doesn't do something the way we want!!

And once we feel we have a power over someone (e.g. through promotion) we need to get everyone doing everything the same way as we do....Have you ever worked for someone who not only wanted results,they wanted you to get the in a way that made no sense to you?? Are you implying the same onto your staff (partner, children, friends...)? The fact is, we are all different but there is only four main personality types. Learning and understanding those traits will help you let go of things you can't change and accept others and their strengths that compliment yours.

I was one of those managers who didn't really care about the feelings of others and back then I had no idea there was such a thing as personality type with pretty clear distinction. Having this knowledge I could've save myself and my team lots of tears and misunderstandings.

On job, hard skills are very important. Without those you can't do your job properly but you also need to understand people you work with otherwise any issues arising will only get worse.

Understanding different personalities is not as hard as you might think. Although we have different combination of all four which come up in different ways depending on the situation, you can learn to adapt your communication and behavior to suit each individual you come into contact with.

I explain the basic in my DISC Article but watch the space as I will be breaking down each personality style separate.

So....get curious and observe different behaviour around you. See if you can spot similarities. Save yourself and don't get frustrated because there is NOTHING you can do anyway....Until next time ...

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