What Habits are you building during lockdown?

If researchers at the University College of London are right and it takes 66 days on average to create a habit out of 'disciplined' / repetitive behaviour, what daily routines, activities are you doing that will become a habit by the end of the lockdown?

It's almost the end of January and most resolutions people have set stayed in the first half of the months. I have stopped setting any resolutions for the very same reason. On the other hand I'm noticing bad habits forming - staying in bed longer in the morning so the days seem shorter, not exercising, browsing through social media instead of reading books - and my excuse is always the same - we're in lockdown, don't be hard on yourself. This statement is true and we see it all over social media however when I did pick up a book - The One Thing by Gary Keller with Jay Papsan - something has shifted especially when I read the chapter about discipline and habit forming.

If we're in this lockdown for two to three months that is very close to the 66 days of forming a new habit. It got me thinking about my daily routine but also about how hard it is to change bad habits and replace them with the good ones. Or at least less damaging habits.

If I was to change one thing it would be to start reading more. My grandma always reminds me that books are the best friend one can have. They are full of wisdom, yet their never push their opinion or argue their point. They leave you to take from it what you choose. With the News and Social Media being filled with doom and gloom or endless tips on how not to fall into despair and depression, books are timeless. The variety on fiction, non fiction, self development, educational, crime, history, love, technical, photo.... this list is endless. And this is one habit I want to get back to because I'm sick and tired of all the bad news out there. I've also dropped off books to friends.

Another habit I know I should start or get into is exercise. My whole life I have been very fortunate with my figure. My job before having children meant I was on my feet quite a lot and luckily my diet is balanced - I don't deprive myself of anything in moderation - and this is one good habit I have. However as we've been in the lockdown and especially during winter months I've been lacking the motivation to do anything. I'm still fairly fit looking but I'm starting to see the effects of not moving a lot and aging on my skin. I even bought gym kit but the motivation is not there. I guess I need to re-visit another book I read recently - The Mind Management /The Chimp Paradox by Prof. Steve Peters. to remind me how to manage my chimp and stop self sabotaging my own health and wellbeing. Still lucky that despite the current situation I can't eat the whole Milk Tray! (Achievement in my books!)

That's two habits I need to start working on before it's too late. At least I can still stay in bed longer in the mornings and read books! I will still have to use social media to promote this blog but reduce browsing which gives me no joy.

What Habits are you going to change before it's too late? Because once we're out of the lockdown, not only you will have to unlearn the bad habits but also learn a new one and start 66 days all over again. Let me know in the comments how you're getting on or if you have any good book you can recommend.

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