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Welcome to the resources part of your membership. Probably the most exciting one. 


Because here, you can find short presentations, pdf's and other tools that will help you improve your People Skills. 

Just like any skills, even People Skills need to be practiced. Without it you just received an information which will stay in your memory for few days until pushed out by other information. 

However, having access to recordings or read up and brush up your knowledge will help you to remember what you learned and then help you improve your relationships. 

Check out upcoming Thursday Brunch Quickies and book onto a live People Skills Mini Session

Listening Skills 
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In case you prefer written version as well see PDF summary of Listening Skills below

Below you can watch recording of Listening Skills Presentation from our Thursday Brunch Quickies. It's up to 15 minutes long and explains all you need to know about Active Listening.

Listening is the most important part of every single conversation you will ever have. If you don't hear and listen to what the other person is saying you will make assumptions based on your own experience and opinions which might not necessarily be true reflection of what the other person is saying. 

You will also find out more about body language and why using your eyes as well as ears is important in effective communication.

I hope you enjoy it and that this simple yet effective skill will help you even if it was the only one you learned. 

Understanding Each Other - Personality Profiling 
Understanding people puzzle.jpg
Mini DISC Personality Test

This weeks recording is all about different personalities and preferences in communication. I can't stress how important it is to understand at least four main personality types which can help you to understand why some people communicate or do things in different ways. Some like facts and reply with one or two words which might come across as rude to those who need lots of words or even emotions and human touch in their communication. Then you have people who take ages to produce something or they ask lots of questions and might even seem difficult - these people love numbers and are very detail oriented - you need these people to see potential 'danger'. You'll see every personality has it's pro's and in a team it's handy to have the variety - you'll just need to learn to manage them in an effective way. You can download FREE Mini personality test to see what your preference is! You can also book DISC discovery session with 15 page assessment and a coaching session to find out what makes you tick. Get in Touch at to find out more. 

Actions and Reactions - Understanding Behaviour
TA model.webp

Whether we like it or not sometimes we all behave in a way that triggers undesired reaction from others. 

Eric Berne discovered that people move between three different states. Sometimes even in the same conversation and definitely throughout the day. 

The three states are Parent, Adult and Child.

If you missed the mini workshop, watch the presentation below which will give you an insight into these three states and how to manage them.  

Building Healthy Boundaries
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Building Healthy Boundaries is one of the hardest thing to learn.

Why? Because we don't like saying no

Why? Because we don't want to reject others so we don't have to face rejection ourselves. 

Find out more about rejection and how to start building healthy boundaries so you can put yourself first and respect others. 

Mia Neupauerova