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Our Working Together Training is tailor made to fit your team, your companies values and vision. When you book our training you not only pay for the day's training. We will spend some time with you before the training to ensure we get it right and your team will get the most our of the training.The main training day is usually off-site, in a nice location where the staff can relax and learn. We will also re-visit within 60 days to ensure new skills are being put into practice...because we do want to make sure that people learn to accept each other and improve their relationships. Read below about each subject our training is made of. *Vision Statement and Disc Profiling are optional.

People Management
Interpersonal Skills
Conflict Management


You've either been promoted or got a new job managing others. 

Let me tell you one thing, if you were great at your job (assuming by your promotion I beet you were) you might be wondering how are you going to get your team to achieve the same results. 

What you need to bear in mind is that being good at your job managing tasks is not quite the same as managing people and that's were our custom training comes into place. We will look at your existing skills and work on the what you already know as well as what you need to learn. 

You're looking at 3-6 months development program but this depends on your individual needs.

Do you believe everyone thinks and does things in the same way as you? 

You might get frustrated because this is often not the case but you can't quite understand why. 

Did you know there are 4 main behaviour styles and 41 blends? No wonder it's confusing and creates tensions. 

Interpersonal Skills are important in any working environment and we offer not only management and leadership programs but also employee workshops to improve understanding and dynamics within the team.

Download our FREE mini DISC personality test and let me know how you got on

Team Building

Are you a new leader? 

Have you got new team because of structural changes? 

Is your business expanding and you need to bring more people into your existing team? 

All our workshops are interactive and full of exciting activities and exercises to improve interpersonal skills, team work and understanding of different personalities. 

There is no better way to get your team members to get to know each other. 

PS: There is always lots of sweets ;)

Management and Leadership Training

Management and Leadership training programs are an important part of any company. 

Promotng someone because they did a great job doesn't mean they are going to have necessary skills to manage a team. 

Our program works on individual or small group basis, looking at strengths and weaknesses and making sure delegates gain people skills for life. 

Interactive sessions ensure live learning experience and any issues and challenges are dealt with in subsequent sessions or if immediate response needed over the phone. 

We care about people and want to make sure those we train care about others too. 

No one wakes up in the morning thinking that they are going to cause hell at work. But life happens and sometimes you and I and people we work with don't respond in the way we should. 

The longer the conflict goes unresolved the worse it gets. 

Listening and effective communication if very important in high intensity situations. 

Did you know that often all people want is to be heard? 

We can help you deal with conflict in a more effective way and minimise future issues where possible. 

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DISC Profiling

Have you every wondered how people work and why some people get on well and some not without an obvious reason? Knowing what Type of personality someone is can help you to work with people better and understand those who act the opposite way to you. 

The DISC Personality System Profile may change the way you see yourself and others forever. You can learn how people are motivated in different and distinct ways due to personality and communication preferences as well as minimize misunderstandings and when to steer clear of taking advantage of another person's challenge areas.

Assessments are done by Accredited DISC Profiling System Practitioner.

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